Marion County Baptist Association
Thursday, September 29, 2022

Mission Trip 2009

Report to Churches on 2009 Mission Trip

Hamersville Baptist Church and Central Baptist Church –
Hamersville – Batavia, Ohio

91 missionaries representing 8 MCBA churches: 
Antioch Baptist
Kemp Chapel Baptist
Pleasant Grove Baptist
Mt. Zion Baptist
Guin First Baptist
Winfield First Baptist
Eastside Baptist
Hines Baptist
Accomplished 7 Ministries:
Backyard Bible Club
Cheer Camp
Basketball Camp
Multi Media

Construction – Team Leader, Wayne Peppers

36 workers installed 300 pieces of 10’ hat channel rails as fire break and hung 175 pieces of 12’ by 5/8” fire retardant sheetrock. About half of this was over head and some places were 25’ off the floor.

Walter Gray and Floyd McNutt made 39 gallons of homemade ice cream. This ministry benefited all who worked or participated in MT 2009.

Kitchen – Team Leader, Mary Peppers

This Team of 13 prepared approximately 1400 full course meals and desserts for the entire MT team and several guests.

Three of this team traveled to Hamersville Baptist from Central Baptist each day to prepare lunch for the construction workers. The travel time between the two churches was 30 minutes. The construction team didn’t loose that time traveling.

On Tuesday the team prepared Mission Trip Stew. This is an original recipe dreamed up by Mary Peppers and mission trip cooks. Ingredients include potatoes, pork roast, cream of mushroom soup, and secret spices.

On Thursday they prepared a full meal for a Senior Citizens’ group of about 35 people. Most of these people were un-churched and following the meal they were entertained by the puppets and Drama Team.

On two particular evenings the kitchen team fed a needy family in the community.

Backyard Bible Club – Team Leader, Donna Gallups

This team enrolled 44 children. 30 workers accomplished the following ministries: Crafts, Missions, Bible Verse, recreation, refreshments, puppets, music, and Bible story.

This team had 5 professions of faith.

Cheer Camp – Team Leader, Carol Ann Web

This team consisted of 14 workers, 3 of whom were high school cheerleaders. 30 local children attended. Not only did the children learn basic cheer moves, they also had devotion time each day and worked a craft with the daily theme.  The cheers were Bible verses and Christian themes.

This team had three professions of faith.

Basketball Camp – Team Leader, Jeff Brantley

This team consisted of 22 workers, 4 adults and 18 college or high school students.

They enrolled 29 elementary students and 4 Jr. High students a total of 33 students ministered to.

They taught basic basketball skills. Each day they had a devotion time and one 10 year old girl made a profession of faith.

Multi-media Team – Mark Lane and Wesley McNeill

The ministry of sight and sound is of great importance to the drama team.

This team also benefits the entire group by providing sound, video and power point presentation.

Drama – Team Leader, Joyce Ballew

This team consisted of almost all MCBA students.

They had a five piece band that played each night.
Drama and interpretive movement to songs were accomplished in a worship atmosphere.

The first night, a hand full of local students attended and by the end of the week they had about 100 in attendance.

This team had two professions of faith.

11 professions of faith – and ministered to over 300 people

The devotional time was spent discovering Jesus as the central theme of the Tabernacle.

The Tabernacle speaks to us about Jesus.

  • At the Brazen Altar, Jesus is saying - I am your sacrifice
  • At the Laver Bowl, Jesus is saying – I am the Word of God
  • At the Table of Showbread, Jesus is saying – I am the bread of life.
  • At the Golden Lampstand, Jesus is saying, I am a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.
  • At the Golden Altar, Jesus is saying – I am your mediator and intercessor to a Holy God.
  • At the Ark of the Covenant, Jesus is saying I am your propitiation or mercy seat, through Jesus all sin is forgiven.